This are our frequent questions, for any other question, you can call us at +34 91 476 87 00 or you can contact us by filling this form.

The price includes the total amount for the stay (accommodation), for the number of people that will occupy the bungalow, and the use of the facilities of the establishment, usually for free (please check facilities on the “information about the establishment” section)
Once the form is completed with your personal information and the process of reservation is done, you will receive a notification that your request is currently being processed, and will be confirmed within 24 hours, if the reservation has been done in working days. If your request is processed in a week-end or in a public holiday, it will be confirmed the first working day. In case of positive answer, you will receive an e-mail with all the relevant information about your reservation and your booking number. In case your request couldn’t be confirmed, we will contact you by telephone as soon as possible, and we will try to give you other similar options.
Yes. At the top right of the screen you will find “My booking”. With your email and your booking number, you can enter and cancel your reservation. Please remember to check the “cancellation conditions” of the chosen establishment, costs may be charged on your credit card depending of the days in advance that you notify the cancellation.
If you need to modify your reservation, it’s necessary to notify by telephone (+34 91 476 87 00) or by e-mail (info@bungalowsclub.com).
When you introduce your personal information for the reservation, a credit card number is requested, the establishment will charge the amount of the pre-reservation to this credit card.
This amount depends of the reservation conditions of each establishment, it’s important to check the “Booking conditions and cancellation” of each establishment.
The credit card is mandatory for on-line bookings. If you don’t have a credit card, please call us, in our working hours (+ 34 91 476 87 00), and we will give you other options.
If you want to search a concrete information, service or facility, you can use the results filter in the left side of the screen. It’s a displayed menu, where you could filter the information by price, situation, services, leisure, type of bungalow, furnishing, etc. You just have to click on the desired options.
There are many establishments that accept pets in their bungalows. The best way to find them is entering the home page and choose in the thematic menu “With your pet” (the first on the left). By clicking this option, you will see all the establishments in Spain that accept pets.
Both ways are accepted for booking. By phone calling at (+34 91 476 87 00) or by the website (www.bungalowsclub.com).
If you want to see the facilities of the bungalows, you have to click on the establishment chosen and you will access to the whole information. Once the bungalows are displayed on the screen, you will be able to see the equipment of each one: air conditioning, TV, bedding, heating, towels, etc.
For more information about the bungalow, click on the + button. So you will see the photos of the interior and additional information, as the layout of the bungalow, etc.
The system is programmed for booking only one bungalow in each reservation.
If you need to book two or more bungalows, you can call us (in our working hours, please read the next paragraph) at +34 91 476 87 00. Outside this hours, if you need to book two or more bungalows, you have to book do several reservations (booking one bungalow at each time).
Our working hours are: Monday to Thursday from 9hoo to 18 h 00 and Fridays: from 9h00 t 14h00 (UTC+2). Outside this timetable an answering machine is activated for all the received callings that will be attended in the brevity. In case that your calling is done during the week-end, it will be attended the next day.