About us

BungalowsClub is a brand of BungalowsTours, S.L., and is part of the entrepreneurial venture of Grupo Peldaño: a great expert company on the product of bungalows, due to its experience on publishing specialized guides and professional journals, which first aim is to promote bungalows tourism among national and international tourists.

BungalowsClub is a technological platform specialized in bungalows, cottages and charming accommodation born some years ago with the purpose of get to know this kind of accommodation to the general public. Many of the services offered by these establishments are better than those offered by hotel.

Our team offers a personalized and close service to each one of our customers and establishments.

BungalowsClub works exclusively with singular accommodation structures clearly distinct from the rest, where the quality and the environment prevail over all.

BungalowsClub offers you the experience of enjoy a rest in the heart of the nature, in a bungalow, cottage or charming accommodation (in wood or built). Located in areas of great tourist, cultural and natural interest; it’s the perfect option for family holidays, with friends or with your couple; for enjoy a getaway in the mountain, at the beach or if you are looking for some sporting adventure.  Moreover, many of these establishments accept pets in their facilities.

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