Open all year round and located 5 minutes from Praia Grande and the center of Porto Covo, enjoy the ideal place for a holiday with maximum comfort, comfort and fun. Come and experience unforgettable moments in the heart of nature.

Costa do Vizir is inspired by one of the most passionate legends ever: a love story between a young vizier, minister of a Muslim sultan, and a Portuguese maid. Although since its opening has been the scene of many other stories. You only need to live yours!

Enter the magic of Arab nights and the forbidden loves with the sea and the countryside as witnesses, and enjoy 6 hectares of wooded and landscaped areas where you can stay in one of the various renovated bungalows or apartments. The establishment has a swimming pool for adults and one for children, two blocks of toilets equipped with a children's changing table, a sports field, picnic areas, restaurant, snack bar and a shop.

The discoveries run on their own. Start diving with a sea baptism and let yourself be enchanted by the fabulous underwater world of the Costa Vicentina. Take the bike and pedal along dizzying inlets or feel the real adventure in an SUV across the Alentejo plains. If you prefer to travel to the past, get lost in the streets of the Roman city of Miróbriga, or visit the house of Vasco da Gama in Sines. In the end, and because you need to recharge your batteries, sit down at the table with the best cuisine in the region, where fish and seafood are the kings.

Precios From 0 €
Situation Coast, Tourist Area
Services Barbeques, Entertainment Prog., Games Area, Handicapped Access, Kids Park, Laundry, Sports Facilities, Supermarket, Swimming Pool, WiFi
Leisure around Bike rental, Equestrian, Fishing, Nudist, Surf, Windsurf
Category Campsite
Admission of Pets Pets are not allowed in bungalows nor apartments.

The entry and stay of any animal within the lodgings is prohibited; likewise, people accompanied by these are not admitted.

The reservations of people who are accompanied by animals in the registry, or who during their stay introduce animals in the lodgings, even sporadically or for their permanence, will be canceled, and this will entail the expulsion of the complementary accommodation without being returned any amount paid for the stay.
Booking Conditions and Cancellation 1. The reservation will only be confirmed after payment of the total amount of the stay. You can pay at the ATM, by credit card or by bank transfer within 5 working days after the reservation request.

2. When reservations are made less than 5 days before the entry or the limit for the next day, the customer must make the bank transfer immediately to pay for the entire stay and send proof of transfer by email to our services. We will only formalize and confirm the reservation once our services have received the payment of the respective amounts or the proof of the transfers.

3. Any reservation requested that has not been confirmed with the total payment of the stay and the sending of the respective proof of payment within the required deadlines will be canceled without prior notice.

4. Reservations paid by bank transfer or deposit account will only be considered paid once received the receipt of transfer or deposit via email in our services.

5. If you wish to make a change to your reservation, you must request it by email, addressed to Requests to modify or cancel reservations by phone will not be accepted. Only the dates of reservation / stay can be modified in case there is availability.

6. On special dates you will not be able to make any changes to your reservations, mainly during Christmas, New Year's Eve, Carnival, events, extended holidays and festive dates.

7. In case of cancellation of the reservation:
- If this takes place 30 days before the start date of the stay, the establishment will return 90% of the total amount of the stay.
- If it takes place 21 days in advance regarding the start date of the stay, 45% of the total amount of the stay will be refunded.
- There will be no refund of the amount paid for the stay if the cancellation takes place within a period equal to or less than 20 days before the start of the same.
Checkin Time Entry must be made on the scheduled day, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Except prior notice, you can enter after 23:00 by registering in the goal.

The non-appearance on the day of entry of the stay implies the immediate cancellation of the entire reservation and there will be no refund of the amount paid.

The early interruption of the stay in relation to the scheduled date does not provide the right to a refund of any amount paid.
Checkout Time The departure must be made before 12:00 of the scheduled day. If the departure of the clients takes place after 12:00, the amount corresponding to triple the daily rate will be charged for each extra day, until its definitive departure.

To this amount will be added any compensation that the establishment must support, because other customers who have booked that accommodation and who, being busy or in conditions not usable, can not enter to occupy it.

The waiver of the stay after the registration, as well as the early departure, for any reason, will not entitle any type of refund or refund, either in cash or in credit in new stays or any other type, and will result in the total loss of the amount paid in the reserve.
Credit cards accepted Visa / Mastercard, as well as all the HiPay wallet system that is integrated with Thelisresa booking engine accept.
Policy cots / extra beds If the maximum capacity of the accommodation is not exceeded, people can be accommodated in a sofa, extra bed or cot, by paying the number of people and extra services contracted. Check availability and price.
Special Terms - DEPOSIT

On the day of entry, a deposit of € 150 will be charged for each accommodation (apartments, bungalows, glamping or mobile homes). This amount must be paid in cash.

The deposit will cover costs resulting from disappearance, breakdowns or damage to the objects of the accommodation, caused by the customer.

If the amount of the deposit is not enough to cover the damage caused to the accommodation, the remaining amount that the Costa do Vizir Camping must support to restore the damage or disappearance will be charged to the client upon departure, if it is possible to determine the amount immediately , or later, once the amount based on the budget has been calculated. In these cases, the police authorities will always be notified.

The deposit will be returned in full on the last day of your stay as long as the accommodation has not been damaged.


The number of people in the accommodations can not exceed the maximum capacity allowed.

If this capacity is not exceeded, people can be accommodated in a sofa, extra bed or cot, by paying the number of people and extra services contracted.


Visits to the accommodations will be accepted through registration and payment of the current rate. These visits can not stay overnight at the campsite and must leave before 22:00.

If the visit wishes to spend the night in the campsite in the accommodation of the visited owner, you must inform the reception and proceed to the respective registration and payment, provided that the maximum accommodation capacity has not been exceeded.

The amount to be paid for this stay will be the current one in the price list.


The accommodations are equipped with quality materials whose function is to make the stay more pleasant and pleasant.

All equipment and other utensils belong exclusively to the Costa do Vizir Camping.

Any breakage, breakdown or loss of a team by the occupants of the accommodation implies payment in full.

If the payment is not made, you will not be able to make the exit or the deposit will be returned.

The responsibility of paying any compensation to other customers for any damage caused will also be attributed to the occupants of the accommodations in question.


On the day of entry to the accommodation, it will be clean and disinfected. This service is guaranteed by the camping services. The rest of the days is the responsibility of the occupants to maintain the accommodation in which they remain installed in perfect order and cleanliness.

On the day of entry to the accommodation are provided and include in the price bed linen and bath towels and hand for each of the people occupying the accommodation, as booked and hired.

The substitution of clothes only takes place once every 7 days of stay, in equal periods.

In case the client requests extra clothes for the bed or beds (outside the 7 days), this service will entail a cost for the new sets of bed linen and for each set of towels per person. Check the list of current prices.


In order to keep the spaces in an impeccable state of conservation and respect all the users of the campsite, there are some rules that must be met scrupulously. The non-acceptance or non-compliance of the same implies the immediate expulsion from the campsite.


Smoking is expressly prohibited inside the accommodation.


It is forbidden to park in places not intended for this purpose. We kindly ask you to respect the reserved parking spaces for the accommodations. Each complementary accommodation (apartment or bungalow) is entitled to 1 parking space. The parking for extra vehicles is not exclusive and is subject to the payment of a supplement.


Bicycles can not be introduced inside the accommodation, nor on the access porch. If requested at the reception, we will indicate the appropriate places to store them.


Clotheslines with ropes or other materials are prohibited between the pillars, on the outside of the accommodation or any other type of solution to hang clothes that is not authorized by the campsite management. The accommodations have utensils for laying small garments inside the sink, the only solution and authorized place.


No coal, gas or other cooking stoves or barbecues are allowed inside the accommodations or on the surrounding green spaces and porches.


The period of silence is between 0:00 and 7:00 and during this period the noise reduction must be met scrupulously. Vehicles may not travel during this time inside the campsite or enter or leave.


So that everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay, avoid unfriendly and uncivil behaviors. Any lack of respect or behavior considered inappropriate that violates the rules of civility and civility established in the internal regulations, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the campsite without any refund of the amounts paid.
You could read more information in our Privacy Policy and in the terms and conditions.