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06 septiembre, 2017 - Por Graciela Camiña

We continue with the recommendations for the lovers of the sport. We want to give you to know a number of destinations for routes, in this case, biking and 4 × 4.

In Huesca, in Bungalows La Borda D’Arnaldet, located in the center of Benasque Valley you will be able to perform route by bike and even enjoy skiing. Ideal to make sporting activities with friends, family or in couple.

From Complejo la Cigüeña, located in the natural reserve Southeast, in the outskirts of Madrid, you can enjoy the Green Route of the Tajuña River. A perfect place to sporting activities, which runs along the river of the same name by a landscape of Vegas.

From Zuhaitz Etxeak you also have access to the Green Way of Fc Vasco-Navarro line, to the Green Way Eskoriatza-Aretzabaleta and to the Green Way Mazmela, in the south of the province of Bizkaia, within the municipality of Zeanuri.

And if you are more daring and what of the bike you is short, we have more for you! Make routes in 4×4 is other sporting activities what you need in your next getaway.

From Hotel Aire de Bardenas, in Tudela, Navarre, you can enjoy the landscape from their side more savage. Routes in 4×4 by the desert of Bardenas, night or day, as you prefer.

Cabañas Finca Atajacadenas in Toledo offers you a multitude of sporting activities within your complex aimed at both adults and children: stroll through its 150 hectares on the banks of the river Alberche, canoeing in his private lake,  4×4, mountain biking or make use of their sports facilities.

And if you do not convince you these sporting activities, in Cuenca, from Las Casas de la Vega, you have at your disposal a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities: rafting, descent of Barranco, declines in ravines aquatic, horse riding routes, trekking, bike rental, Canadian canoe, kayak individual, bungy jumping, hydrospeed, paintball, archery…

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Image Credits: Pixabay, Apartamentos Sierra de Gúdar


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